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More than once during your pregnancy you will need care from other healthcare professionals in addition to the midwife. We are therefore glad we can arrange for these additional services through our practice.


Jan VeerbeekMy name is Jan Veerbeek and I am a gynaecologist at the Westerkade. On May 1st 2020 I started working at the Diakonessenhuis as a perinatologist. I have chosen this beautiful profession because I think it is very special to take care of you and your baby during those unique months of pregnancy. Good information and joint decisions during this period are very important to me.

I attend to Westerkade clients who are in need of gynaecologist care during their pregnancy. For example, if there are any issues with your general health, or problems with a previous pregnancy/birth. I visit the practice to meet with you and /or the midwife.

Just like the Westerkade, I believe that reliable and experienced midwifery care should be used where possible and medical intervention only when needed.


Sonography is an important part of pregnancy care. The ultrasounds during the 1st trimester and the position ultrasound at 36 weeks are performed during a check-up at the practice. Because medical ultrasounds, such as the 20-week and growth ultrasounds require a lot of expertise, we perform these at our ultrasound clinic at Focus Midwifery Centre. You are also welcome here to have a ‘fun ultrasound’. Where you are able to view an image of the baby but no further checks are carried out. Results are discussed with you the same day if necessary, to put your mind at rest.

Alle echo’s geregeld, op de praktijk of bij ons eigen echocentrum.


My name is Mirjam, lactation specialist and owner of Borstvoeding & meer. Together with 7 colleagues we are here to help you prepare for your post natal maternity period. Apart from breastfeeding expertise, our joint work experience covers midwife, maternity nurse, speech therapist, etc. As a team we possess much in-house knowledge!

What do we do?

  • Masterclass Breastfeeding; the perfect preparation for breastfeeding for you and your partner, all in's and out's covered in 2 hours! (online and eventually on location again)
  • Breast and bottle feeding consultations; do you have questions or are facing challenges? We will visit you at home and observe while you nurse your baby, answer your questions and together we will devise a plan of action.
  • Rental of breast pumps, baby scales and sell a variety of breastfeeding relevant items; 7 days a week
  • We participate with centeringpregnancy meetings
  • We have regular consultations with midwives; we work together with midwives and maternity nurses when they approach us with questions about nutrition. We share our nutritional advice with the midwife following a home consultation.
  • We regularly train midwives and maternity nurses about breastfeeding
  • Mama café; twice a month you are welcome at the Yoghurt Barn Neude, ask questions free of charge & chat with other mothers

Rent and consultations are often covered by your (additional) health insurance!
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Coach & Therapist


Support during pregnancy and afterwards is not only about medical care. It’s also very much about what you experience and how that makes you feel. Sometimes things happen in your life, of which the size only becomes apparent during pregnancy or early motherhood. It could also be that your previous pregnancy is still affecting you or that you’re struggling with yourself during your pregnancy. Sharing your experience with the people close to you can often be enough to deal with this. And in that case, it’s important to get specialised and professional support when you need it.

I’m Tirza Janssen, obstetrician, coach, psycho-social therapist, and trauma sexologist. For years I’ve been counselling women; in my work as an obstetrician and as a therapist. Women who are at risk of getting stuck and women who just need a little push to get back the control over their own lives. Over the years I have further specialised myself to also support many (pregnant) women who have been sexually abused. 

I believe in the power of women. It takes courage, love, and trust to feel that power, to develop, and to use it.

Do you feel you could use some support? Visit my website  for more information. Or send an email to You can also reach me on Whatsapp: 06 5266 4448. You’re more than welcome!


We have been working together with Midwifery Practice Westerkade for quite some time now. This collaboration has been very beneficial. This way we are able to provide the best possible care during your pregnancy. For advice and/or treatment please visit our website: or contact us and we will be happy to help you. I am Yvonne Mandemaker. I am a physiotherapists and work at van Diepen Physiotherapy in the Utrecht district of Hoograven.

I have enjoyed working here for years. At our practice we specialize in helping women resolve pelvic complaints during and after pregnancy. We have learned that small suggestions and advice can do a lot to alleviate or remedy physical complaints caused by pregnancy or childbirth.

Issues we can help with include:

  • Pelvic pain during and after pregnancy
  • Diastases problems (abdominal muscles separating) after pregnancy
  • Pelvic floor complaints such as a weak bladder


My name is Elham Jarideh and I have been working as a dietitian for over ten years now. During my career I have specialized in pregnancy (diabetes) and I regularly see pregnant women for consultation.

Gestational diabetes, also known as diabetes gravidarum, is a form of diabetes that can develop from the 22nd to the 24th week of pregnancy and usually resolves after childbirth. This happens to one in twenty women and often depends on your metabolism, ethnicity and/or heredity.

In gestational diabetes, there is insufficient production of insulin, that means that sugars from your diet cannot be absorbed well enough into your bloodstream. This can develop in a high fasting glucose level, often after a carbohydrate-rich meal.

As a dietician, I try to stabilize the client's blood glucose levels through dietary and lifestyle adjustments, to prevent that a client needs to have injections with insulin. The treatment process involves keeping a food diary and measurements of the glucose values ​​that are regularly monitored by me.