For who?

Who are our services are aimed at; every couple/woman who wishes to conceive, women already pregnant and all new parents in Utrecht can count on our care. We offer a personalised care plan for any individual situation.


Sometimes a pregnancy only seems to focus on the expectant mother, but becoming a parent is a pretty big event for fathers/partners as well. At our practice we acknowledge your role as partner/expectant parent throughout the entire pregnancy. We will share fun and helpful tips to help you prepare for the birth and the maternity period. You also have the option of signing up to our mailer, which contains information aimed at fathers/partners.

As a father (or second mother) you can prepare by signing up for a mailing or attending a class and / or reading one of the many helpful books. Or follow the online pregnancy course for man with mankind.

Personal wishes

Every person is different, so every pregnancy requires its own unique approach. We take the time to learn about your wishes and expectations for your pregnancy, the birth and the maternity period. Maybe you are hoping for a home birth without medical intervention. Would you like a water birth or even try hypnobirthing? While other expectant mothers prefer a hospital setting and an epidural. Whatever your wishes and expectations, we discuss together how we can integrate these into our care plan. Our goal is; a pregnancy and birth that you can look back on with satisfaction and pride.

Whether you prefer a home birth in bath of a hospital birth with pain relief, we are there for you

Single mothers

Your not alone!

We regularly assist pregnant women who do not have a partner, either by choice or due to personal circumstances. Whether you have prepared for this or not, this can still present additional challenges. Our experience teaches us where those challenges lie and how to tackle these. We can also arrange contact with other single mothers in the area! In the meantime you can browse relevant classes or look into foundations for single mothers.