Our privacy policy

Our practice handles your privacy and personal data carefully. For this reason we have created an extensive handbook containing our work methods and agreements regarding personal data and privacy. 

The AVG is the law for the protection of privacy and personal data. In accordance with this law, an organization that works with personal data has certain obligations and the person who the data belong to has certain rights. In addition to this general law, specific rules apply to privacy in healthcare. These rules are among other things stated in the Medical Treatment Agreement Act (WGBO). This privacy policy is intended to inform you about your rights and our obligations that apply under the AVG and the WGBO.

Your rights as an individual:

  • The right to know if and which of your personal data is being processed.
  • The right to view and obtain a copy of that data (insofar as this does not harm the privacy of another).
  • The right to amend, add or delete data if necessary.
  • The right to request the (partial) destruction of your medical data. This can only be met if the retention of the data is not of considerable importance to another person and the data does not have to be retained on the basis of a statutory regulation.
  • The right to add a personal statement (of a medical nature) to your file.
  • The right to object to the processing of your data in certain cases.

Our obligations as a healthcare provider:

  • Your data is collected for specific purposes:
  • for providing care;
  • for efficient management and policy;
  • to support scientific research, education and information.
  • In principle, no processing takes place for other purposes.
  • You will be informed that your personal data is being processed. This can be done by your healthcare provider, but also by a brochure or via our website.
  • All employees at Westerkade Midwifery Centre are committed to treat your personal data in a confidential manner.
  • Your personal data is well protected against unauthorized access.
  • Your personal data will not be stored any longer than is necessary for proper provision of care.

For medical data, this retention period is in principle 15 years (from the last treatment), unless longer storage is necessary. This is at the discretion of the practitioner.

Consent form sharing medical data

If a medical indication during pregnancy, the birth or the maternity period causes you to be referred to a gynaecologist; we will share your medical records with them. The purpose of this is to ensure that the treatment matches your situation as closely as possible. For this we ask your consent at the 1st check. The gynaecologist also provides us with feedback so that we can keep your records up to date. With your consent, we can also request medically relevant information from your general practitioner or other healthcare professionals. Should you move house and your records need to be transferred to a different midwife, the consent form will allow us to do that. Read here what you are asked to consent to. (link intern document). 

Pregnancy Portal

Our practice makes use of the pregnancy portal. The portal allows you digital access to your records. You will also receive appointment reminders via the portal. When you come for your intake we will discuss the pregnancy portal with you further. 

Birth announcement cards

By signing our consent form when you come for your first check-up, you are also agreeing (if you choose to send us one) to display your birth notification card in our customer waiting room.  

If you have any questions or comments about our privacy policy or if you want to exercise one of your rights as described above, please contact us.


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