Complaints policy

We at the practice would like to hear your views on our care. We hope that we were able to satisfy your expectations and that you can look back on this special time in your life with happy memories. 

In order to continuously improve our care, we send out a customer satisfaction survey once your pregnancy has come to an end. If you have not received this but would like to provide us with feedback, please request the survey by sending an email to

If you are happy with our services and want to share your experiences? Tell others and hopefully see you again!

You can post your review on:

Unfortunately, things sometimes don’t go according to plan and you are dissatisfied with the care you have received from us. We are sorry that you feel this way and of course wish for you to be happy. We kindly ask you to talk to us and discuss which aspects made you unhappy and if there is anything you feel we should improve on. Your feedback can help to improve our services to future customers. An in depth conversation can often clarify much and resolve any issues. 

Have we been unable to resolve your complaint or you need help with submitting a complaint? Then you can always contact the complaints officer at the CBKZ (Central Bureau for Managing Complaints in Healthcare). The officer will be impartial, works independently and is happy to help you with support and advice. The complaints officer also mediates in finding a solution. Everything you discuss with a complaints officer is confidential. 

The complaints officer can be reached by phone, Monday to Friday from 9.00-12.00 and 13.00-16.30 on 088-0245123. The officer can also be contacted by email