At this page you can fill in your thoughts, ideas ans wishes for giving birth. The answers will be attached to your file with us.

During the birthplan appointment we discuss your birthplan and quations that are still open. Also wihtout a specific birth plan, our care is always personal and high of quality. Read below what our standard care is. 

We will stay with you when you are in the active phase of labor. We will guide you through the process and together we search for the best positions and breathing techniques. Together we will find the best way to stay relaxed and comfortable. Together we decide on the best moments for examinations and on the location where the delivery will take place.

We highly value our clear, calm,  and transparent communication during the delivery. We will ask your consent for everything we do, and we always involve your partner.

We will discuss all forms of pain relief and arrange them if needed. Possible options include massages, a shower, bath, TENS, and nitrous oxide. The course of your delivery may lead to the wish for medical pain relief under supervision of the gynecologist. Together, we will determine the right option and moment for pain relief during the delivery.

Directly after birth, the baby will be placed on your chest. The baby will only be taken away if medically necessary. When you need to leave for medical reasons, the baby will always stay with your partner. If you want to breastfeed, the baby will stay on the bare skin of your chest until after the first feeding. After that the baby can go to your partner for skin to skin contact. It is standard procedure to wait to cut the umbilical cord until there is no circulation anymore, which will take approximately 3-5 minutes. We prefer to use a cordring to clamp the cord. If you want to deliver at home, you can order the cordring online. We always ask if the partner would like to cut the cord. We also ask if you want to see the placenta and what you want to do with it.

To prevent blood loss, we may decide to give you an oxytocin shot. With your permission, the newborn baby will receive a few drops of vitamin K for sufficient blood clotting.

the woman from the maternity care agency is the first person to go to for questions or concerns. During the maternity period we are always accessible by phone and we will visit you at home about 3 times to see how everything is going.



Guidance and communication

Maternity period